Balsa Wood best for building

I use light wood, as light as I can find. But how light is light? Light wood in the Contest Class is 4.5 lbs per foot cubed, and that is really light. For a 1/16th” x 3″ x 36″ that is around 8 grams a sheet. I have found that the wood from Midwest is common and readily available.

I get wood in batches and 1/16th is my most common size so I get it in batches of 10 per pack. I then weight each sheet on my kitchen scale to find the lightest in the batch.

1/16th x 3 x 36 10 Pack

1/16th x 4 x 36 20 Pack

I try to buy wide sheets an cut them to size later, I even strip my own wood with tools that are suited to the task. Buying bulk makes sense when you build 7 planes a year.

To cut wood in strips you need one of these, they are indispensable. A Balsa Stripper from Master Airscrew. These have been around a long time and as they say, “tools is tools”. They pay for themselves in a short period of time.

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North of 49 designs

Airplanes that I developed in the early 2000’s

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A system for building wings of double surface that can’t be built easily on flat surfaces. This is a Jig-It in a series of 12 or 16.

A wing build can be seen here on this next page, Click This Link.

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What’s Up With the Birds

I have been fascinated with birds of all types, so you will see images of birds on this aviation website, as we have to remember they were here first and always show us how it’s done. The image in the header is Harfang des neiges. We relate to this bird as Snowy Owl. It’s a superb bird of prey and it’s presentation of aerodynamic features is significant. 

I will gave other images of birds, mostly in flight sprinkled throughout the blog and I will try to comment on them for interests sake, perhaps to point out specifics that I find interesting, but mostly for their grace and beauty.

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