What’s Up With the Birds

I have been fascinated with birds of all types, so you will see images of birds on this aviation website, as we have to remember they were here first and always show us how it’s done. The image in the header is Harfang des neiges. We relate to this bird as Snowy Owl. It’s a superb bird of prey and it’s presentation of aerodynamic features is significant. 

I will gave other images of birds, mostly in flight sprinkled throughout the blog and I will try to comment on them for interests sake, perhaps to point out specifics that I find interesting, but mostly for their grace and beauty.

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Airplane Designs for Model Aviation

White Lightning 1/2 A Control Line Sport/Stunt airplane Link to a full Build of this airplane and access to Free Plans.


Sharkies Machine Embryo Endurance Model Link to a full Build of this airplane and access to Free Plans.


Model aviation has been a big part of my hobby life and served to move me into a career in aviation. I will be showcasing these designs for the next little while while I develop this Blog site related mostly to topics related to aviation and model aviation. This could range from experiences in real aviation as well as thoughts and ideas on model aviation. If you have landed here, perhaps its because you have some interest in aviation and perhaps just in model airplanes. My bio will make a bit of backstory so I won’t go into that here but start straight away with some of the designs that I developed over 10 years ago now. Free Plans for these are available and perhaps future designs as well. I like to focus on designs techniques that are straight forward and traditional making building a completed model achievable. Links to all developed articles will appear at the bottom of posts that you can go to for more thorough treatment.  Some posts will be small to highlight ideas relating to this Blog and will only show up as posts in this front page.

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