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I have been adding small articles to my blog
Adding a Telegram Channel

I have added some features to this blog site, like an auto link from this site right to my telegram channel. The Telegram channel is called Air Under Your Chair and is a regular channel to discuss aviation ideas and topics that may serve to assist this blog with ideas and topics related to aviation.…
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Any postings or articles that I make on my website will be presented in this channel. I will be contributing regularly.
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Dream Plane, Have you got one?
If this is not the coolest plane. Last summer I got a chance to fly in the Glasair III and actually preferred it over and above my flight in the Canadian Forces CT-114 Tutor and said so to the Glasair III owner. I think this comment to him was what got me the ride. Dream Plane....
No Shit, there I was, flying on the clocks in the clag, nothing on the dials but the manufactures name...
Still one of my most favorite aircraft, 1966 Alon A2 Aircoupe
Same things each time

Flying the circuit

Piloting is a work in progress, and often you find yourself doing routine tasks over and over. But, there is a pace of task that has to be recognized in order to get tasks done in a prompt and routine manner.

When standing still, tasks halt.
In flying there is no halt,…
Guest Columnists

I will be hosting articles from guest columnists from around the world that like to write for aviation. Our first is a writer that goes by the handle of kalimmabrouki. We conversed and decided Kalim would work up an introductory piece to introduce himself and his writing to the blog. Please welcome Kalim and his…

You’ve probably got a long list of people you have been promising to
take for a ride, so call them up as the opportunity arises and share your
joy. But, please, do aviation a favor and pick a good, quiet, still-air hour
for their ride if they haven’t been up before. Treat them gently; explain…
Why are International Aviation Students and Canada Best Friends?

Canada has been increasingly becoming the go-to choice for most international students. Be it graduate courses, undergraduate programs, diplomas, or post-doctoral programs, students have been increasingly seen drawn to the country. In fact, according to the Professional Flight Centre, 50% of the business they get is from abroad. Continue Reading…

New Article by
Ashwera Hasan
Speed Of Sound

“Just shut up and fly”
“Huh? what?”
“Ya you are flying at the speed of sound”
“What do you mean?”
“You talk too much while you are flying…, the speed of the sounds of the words as they go between your ears, you are distracted”
“So Shut Up And Fly”…