High Wing Low Wing, Does it even Matter?

Is there a case for picking the low wing over the high wing in flight training? I certainly have my preferences and perhaps you may as well. People tend to pick the airplane style that they trained on but in the long run they fly the plane that they feel is the easiest for them to fly. In fact, learn to fly everything you get a to operate. The flying characteristics of an aircraft really come down to it’s wing area and overall weight. Wing Loading is the term, and just because the wing is up or down has little bearing on Wing Loading. Some aircraft have wings in the middle.

I recommend that in your flight training you try both the high wing and the low wing airplanes to see what you like, if that is an option. Bottom line is that in your flying experience, fly as many different types of airplanes as you can. At some point you will find airplanes that you like to fly and ones that you don’t. Over time you will form your own preferences. As your experience develops so will your choice in airplanes.

My preference is the low wing.

Grob 120A

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