Simulators in Civil Aviation

Simulators in Development, 2008 PFC Cirrus II Legacy Simulator that is re-certified Level 2

Simulators for aviation have been around a long time, certainly since I began using my home PC in 1989. I wanted my home PC to work flight sims since I was a new commercial pilot. I could see advantages to my aviation experience through the early flight sim software like Microsoft Flight Sim. Things have come a long way for sims from that time.

As an aspiring Private Pilot, how are these types of simulators an advantage?

Flight sim work in aviation training can be credited if the simulator is Accredited or Certified. These types of sims are attached to Flight Training Schools and serve to build skills necessary for the Private Pilot License and The Commercial Pilot License. Some flight time in these simulators is credited to the Instrument Flying portions of each license. The alternative is doing this same work in the aircraft at twice the price. In some cases savings can be considerable. This sim time is allowed to be logged in your personal Logbook or Training record. However, nothing beats a real plane. Continue Reading….

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