Flight School in Trying Times

Now is not the time to give up on your flight training just because the industry is on hold due to restricted travel. If you are in Private, Commercial, or Flight Instructor training phase, Keep Going. The industry is not in a demand downturn, its just on pause. Demand for travel will snap back and the industry will resume quickly. This may be a good time to focus on your flight training in order to be ready for the industry when it happens. Some flying job opportunities will remain around, like flight instruction, water operations up north and feeder airline flight activity. Find a flight school that is operating, they are deemed an essential service and are not closed. Find a way to fly every day, or at a minimum 3 times a week to keep pace. Remember that frequency of missions is the only way to save money, by not stretching times between flights. Flight schools will be happy to accommodate you as they need the business to keep the doors open. Stay on track, don’t let the health restrictions slow you down. Find a way.

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