5E3 Fender Project 2 Completed

Completed the 5E3 Fender Project 2 today, and the testing went much smoother than expected. I had to rewire all my jacks as the pin outs on the jacks I have here are reversed from the standard switchcraft type jacks. This was a bit of a surprise but once it was adjusted for it tested up fine. This amp is way more powerful than the last amp project with higher plate voltages that are more typical of Fender amps.

Now I will take it to the local music store that I help with amp repairs and get the guitar guys that can play there give it a workout.

Well that session was received well and the tests went much better than expected.

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Finding Parts

I don’t know about you, but the thing that drives me nuts the most is finding resistors and capacitors of the right value and rating. Before, in solid state circuits, we gave little thought to ratings. In guitar amps you have to observe max voltage ratings and pick components with reasonable voltages. I try to scrounge these parts but the more I do this amp stuff the more I have to go out and buy these components. At least with new parts I can feel better about good performance. As I move away from prototype designs, I will use less recycled parts. If I decide to stabilize a project to duplicate it, I will look for parts that I can get that are acceptable and reasonable cost. In the long run, I think that custom amps will not be built just to save some money on a new amp. But more to get something unique and built to personal taste.


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5E3 Fender Project 2

New project on the horizon is really 5E3 Fender Feaver Amps V1.2 and have begun to build up a new chassis that is a bit larger and more forgiving.

More complete build for this amp project is the Guitar Amps Projects Prototype 2. I have corrected the faults from amp one, and have a larger and improved Power transformer and Output transformer. I will be using a circuit board from Hoffman Amps and will report on it as I get closer to that part of the project.


Installed Transformers

Installed Transformers

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Thanks for looking up North Of 49 Technologies to read my introduction. Perhaps you are here because I gave you my business card at one point. My basic service is electronics repair and I specialize in amplifiers for both music and amateur radio. In the last year I have been building Guitar Amps from scratch but also rebuilding and repairing some older more commercial amps as well. First amp was a Fender 5E3 Circuit and this tested my abilities to work with High voltages. It took some re-work to get to run properly which turned out ok. But I found out later that the Power transformer was a bit too under powered at 270 volts AC and 46 ma. Problems with feedback and oscillations in the beginning that I traced to some ground loops.

Feaver Amps 1

First Amp from scratch

Another amp project that came up is a Garnet Rev-II from my home town of Winnipeg. It needed some TLC. The preamp tube was no good and one 6L6 Power tube was very hot. I replaced three tubes. Cleaned the pots, fixed the speaker that was fractured and it began to improve a lot. All the components are in good shape, but the power cord plug end needed to be replaced. All cleaned up it has now become my practice amp. The re-verb in it is fantastic.

Winnipeg Greats.

Garnet Rev-II Amp

Last but not least is a Bell 2122 Mono Block for Hi-Fi and it was an easy one only needing a set of preamp tubes and a new power cord. I was surprised to find out how linear this amp is and I suppose that would make for a good home audio service for vintage turntables and pre-amps. I have since sold this Bell 2122 amp to New York, I hope it finds some use.

Bell 2122 Mono-block Amp



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