Model Aviation

Model Aviation is…

Model Aviation is an individual thing, that is not obvious at first glance. Others see small airplanes much like toys that are controlled or not, released to the sky. We have relationships that are far deeper than just idle amusements with toys. These relationships are presented in art, which functions, to imitate flight. The relationships that bind are ones of creativeness that produce flying machines that allow individuals to experience that mystique of flight. Small, medium and large flying machines are re-created in miniature to bring history, technology, craftsmanship and nature together for the enjoyment of individual engagement. Some of this relationship lasts a persons whole life, and in many cases it defines individuals focus in life. I am one of these, that has had aviation define my whole life, the basis of which comes directly from an unending fascination for anything that makes flight. Are you one of these individuals? Perhaps you are if you are reading this small piece found on the internet.

Welcome and lets hear your story of Model Aviation.