Bell 2122 Monoblock Amp Repair

Bell 2122 Amp 001

Bell 2122

I received this amp locally from a dealer here in the city. Initially I thought that I would use it for parts but it was in relatively good condition so I did not have the heart to disassemble it. So rather than ruin it, I figured that it would likely work so I replaced the tubes and added a new power cord. Well to my surprise it worked just fine.



Bell 2122 Amp 002

Front side

After a bit of clean up I tested it into the speaker of my Garnet Amp and hooked up my guitar to it and gave it a try. Well it is quite linear, with good volume and very little breakup at full power. It has low hum and perhaps this can be reduced with some new components but I did not see the need.



Bell 2122 Amp 004

Topside Back

Interesting and normal attachments for stereo systems. Two inputs for tape I think labeled Mag#1 and 2 and then one for Radio and the last for Xtal, perhaps for Phonograph.





Bell 2122 Amp 003

Bottom Back

I added a bottom, which was not included with this amp. There is a proper bottom plate that may be available. I just used some sheet aluminum that I had on hand and included some feet. This made thing safer and reduced some hum.



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