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In the early 1980’s I was a Junior Aircraft Maintenance Technician in 418 Squadron in the apprenticeship program of the RCAF working on Jet Engines and associated systems.  In this education we learned systems that included electronics, fuel systems, turbine engine systems and I learned to work with tools in engine repair.  In the school year I attended the Electronics Technologist program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for one year. Following the reserve service I took up pilot training and achieved my private pilots license.  Throughout the late 1980’s I finished my Pilot Instructors  and Commercial licenses and spent the last 30 years teaching flying. With over 9000 hours in aircraft and qualifications on 36 different aircraft types I learned to communicate and teach the science of aviation and it’s associated technology.  In 1998 I took up electronics again and passed the Amateur Radio Operator exams and was granted the call-sign VE4BDF here in Manitoba.  I have been working with electronics full time for the last four years in everything from Antennas to Radio Transceivers.  For the last year specializing in Amplifiers but mostly in the audio frequency ranges. I have also repaired a number of High Frequency Broadcasting Amplifiers but have enjoyed the simpler Guitar Amps in this last year.  I am going through the process of stabilizing a amp design based on Fender technology. Now that is nothing new as almost all guitar amps have evolved through these circuit designs. But it’s a good place for me to grow from. Surprisingly enough I have even had to try Guitar as a testing tool for new amp projects, so I will learn to make some noise with a Guitar. In the meantime I will entertain new projects in amp technology to continue to get better at fabrication and science of guitar amps and hope to be of some service to those who need to get their sound machines working again.

Bruce Feaver

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