Vintage Low Tech Tools

I received a Tektronix 466 Oscilloscope that was not working, it had no horizontal trace. So not wanting a good opportunity go by, I made a stab at a repair. Now this was almost out of my league but the internet is such a fantastic resource, I found others that had made similar attempts at fixing these things. The particular problem that mine was suffering from was not the same as what others had indicated, but it got me making voltage tests in various places in the scope. I just was lucky I guess I found that I had pushed in on a integrated circuit chip that was related to the horizontal sweep generator time base and bingo, there it was, the trace came back. I decided to leave things alone at that point and call it repaired. It has since continued to operate and I am grateful.

Tektronix 466 repair

Tektronix 466 repair

It’s a good scope with dual trace, and more features in it that I will ever use working on my electronics.





My power supply

Motorola TEK-23 Power Supply

TEK-23 Regulated DC power Supply I use in my shop is a fine tool regardless of age. Reads volts and amps both at the same time which I find useful.





Heathkit IG-5218a

Heathkit IG-5218 Audio Signal Generator

I have been using from time to time this Audio Signal Generator by Heathkit. It does the job well, certainly for Guitar Amplifier trouble shooting and repair. It is a slight bit of a boat anchor but makes good quality consistent audio to test signal chains in Tube amps.


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