TS-180S Repair

TS-180 Finals repair

Finals Repair

Finals Repair

Under repair is a TS-180S with a blown set of finals. I used the shop tools extensively to affect this repair. I was at the maximum of my technical limit with this project and it was a good exercise. The TS-180S is a great radio and built like a tank.


Finally completed this project. I ended up replacing all the transistors in the 10 Watt Driver, and the Power Transistors in the 100 W unit. However, I am having a hard time tracking down the fact that I only get 50 Watts out maximum. I am suspecting that the 10W driver amp is really only putting out 8 watts max and can’t get the 100 W final to max. In the meantime I am going to stop mucking around and leaveĀ  it at that. I can drive a Linear Amplifier with what it does. Made a contact to the Intercon net with about 35 watts on voice peaks.

It will be some time before I get this radio all adjusted, and I am wondering what I am going to use it for. I think that I can set it up for one frequency to use for digital modes and use on 20 meters as a Portable unit in my aluminum kick box. This radio will be the away unit for emergency use rather than the home newer generation base station rig. That way if I drop it in the lake I will not be upset…




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