Brandon Manitoba For Flight Training

The heart of the flat land, makes Brandon Manitoba a great place for flight training. In the early stages of WWII, between 1939 and 1943, flight training was conducted here because of the great opportunities to develop pilots for the war effort. Weather is consistent and reasonable with many days remaining VFR. Winds are favoring into wind approaches that are regularly favoring the major runways. Local practice area is not far away, less than 10 minutes at normal cruise speeds. We have ILS, ADF, GPS approaches here into a 5000 foot runway which makes for reasonable IFR training. Surrounding area offers many smaller airports for short cross-country practice each with hard surface runways. Countless grass strips to explore and many places that entertain fly ins and breakfasts regularly. Traffic pattern activity is not busy and the ATC here is supportive of all flight activity. Local resources include the typical drive up windows for any number of eateries, and sometimes local transport can be obtained for the asking. Aircraft parking and fuel is always at hand with served or self serve support and hangarage at the local FBO. Happy faces are always here to greet you for support. Fly ins are always welcome.

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