Crystal Tester Circuit

Small circuits are interesting and don’t take long to build.

In order to experience a new construction technique with what they call manhattan construction. I built a crystal Tester.

It is a simple two transistor circuit that has a socket for crystals and the output goes through a 50pf to 90pf trim cap that I added that was not specified.

This circuit was found at a site with a good article on testers.

Crystal Testing CircuitsĀ 
By G3PTO John Reynolds in England.

I used the simpler circuit that was in the article as I was using it as an example for Manhattan Construction as a first attempt at this style of circuit building. I ended up with only ones small solder bridge and with some voltage checks, I found it. The circuit worked straight off and a bit of an adjustment of the output trim cap to peak and I was in business.

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