DIY MOSFET Headphone Amplifier

DIY  MOSFET Headphone Amplifier

This project works really well and is based on two MOSFET per channel. A MPF102 in each input and a IRF510 in each output.


DIY Headphone Amplifier

The chassis is the main heatsink for the power MOSFET’s


Continued as a build HERE.




Tested this amp with my Lightspeed QFR Aviation headset that is a 300 ohm headphone and they had plenty of headroom. The source for this sound was my Q5 Blackberry, Driving this headphone without the amp does not even cut it.
Full volume both the source and the Amp has no noticeable clip and is about all the volume I can take for a period of time. I finally dialed back the volumes to about 30%

Happy to hear good sound with major passive attenuation from a aviation headset no least.


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