PayPal A Brother

I have been a member of PayPal for many years and always have had pretty good experiences with them. I have seen PayPal go through many changes, styles and configurations and at times things were very complex but now they seem very simple. I used paypal in the beginning when it was new, to support my small businesses in making parachutes for the rocketry community and this really was a good deal and improved my success in getting paid through the internet.

So here is the pitch,
PayPal a brother and pitch in for a cup of coffee.
If you have found some information or assistance on this site that helped you get some project resolved then please feel free to PayPal a brother a small amount for a coffee.

The link for PayPal is here.

PayPal me for a Coffee

Starbuck Venti Caramel Macchiato $4.75
Tim Horton’s Large Double Double $2.00
Roadside Gas Stop $1.50

All are good and much appreciated.

I recommend this PayPal service to everyone that has a PayPal account and you should give the a try for your own website.

Thanks for the consideration.



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