Linear Amplifier Repair and Radio Repair for the Amateur Radio Community

I have begun to take on work in Linear Amplifier Repair and Radio repair for the Amateur Radio Community. This is a list of Amps and Radios that I have made operational repairs on during the past year. I have begun to incorporate solid state circuitry into my area of expertise and now can diagnose the RM Italy line of solid state amps.

Brands listed below are part of my experience.

  • Ameritron AL-80B replaced a 10 watt 10 ohm power resistor controlling the power supply input control relay.
  • Viewstar PT-2500A    2 x 3-500Z tubes. Output network failure and repair.
  • Yaesu FL2100B Blocking Capacitor replacement and installed 2 new 572B tubes.
  • Yaesu FL2000B overall inspection and testing. Weak tubes need replacing. Two 572B’s
  • Yaesu FT-101EE Tube replacement, Neutralization and general alignment.
  • Yaesu FT-101E Power supply resistor replacement.
  • Ameritron AL-811 Had burned traces on the power supply section of the DC side of the supply, Repaired. Installed new tubes.
  • Ameritron AL-811 Replaced Tubes and Tested.
  • Ameritron AL-811H No Transmit, High Input SWR on transmit. Tubes failed and four grid resistors were failed. All replaced with new parts.
  • RM Italy KL505 Solid State linear amplifier,  Failed, shorted power transistor. Replaced.
  • Icom 701 Receive and Transmit alignment was off. Re-calibrated as per service manual.
  • Kenwood TS-180 Output Amplifier sections.
  • Sound Design Model 4491C repaired output transistor.
  • TJ4A YouKits HF 4 Band Transceiver PTT TR/RX switching repair.

Other projects I am open for repair services.


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