Greatest Music Teacher Ever…


Just Nick Music


I have been following Nick for some time now and I have enjoyed his methods of instruction. Well managed lesson delivery and presentation with great explanations, technical descriptions and great music entertainment. Even if you can’t play a lick, like me, I found that I even learned stuff that was interesting about music that Nick covers. With my interest in Amplifiers, and Electronics, Sounds and Music, I enjoy what Nick has to say. I was a drummer in my long past so I get that, so watching Nick integrate his brand of sound and percussion background sounds from his PC is fun to listen to.   Meanwhile, you will get a kick over Nick’s brand of humor and his straight forward delivery of music and jokes that will make you remember stuff that he is teaching. Included in some of his videos are information videos about electronics that relate to guitar amplifiers and sound systems that you will find very informative.

Stop over at JustNickMusic on YouTube and learn something that you never knew about electronics, sound recording, music and guitar playing.

Just watching Nick play guitar is worth every penny.


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