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Thanks for looking up North Of 49 Technologies to read my introduction. Perhaps you are here because I gave you my business card at one point. My basic service is electronics repair and I specialize in amplifiers for both music and amateur radio. In the last year I have been building Guitar Amps from scratch but also rebuilding and repairing some older more commercial amps as well. First amp was a Fender 5E3 Circuit and this tested my abilities to work with High voltages. It took some re-work to get to run properly which turned out ok. But I found out later that the Power transformer was a bit too under powered at 270 volts AC and 46 ma. Problems with feedback and oscillations in the beginning that I traced to some ground loops.

Feaver Amps 1

First Amp from scratch

Another amp project that came up is a Garnet Rev-II from my home town of Winnipeg. It needed some TLC. The preamp tube was no good and one 6L6 Power tube was very hot. I replaced three tubes. Cleaned the pots, fixed the speaker that was fractured and it began to improve a lot. All the components are in good shape, but the power cord plug end needed to be replaced. All cleaned up it has now become my practice amp. The re-verb in it is fantastic.

Winnipeg Greats.

Garnet Rev-II Amp

Last but not least is a Bell 2122 Mono Block for Hi-Fi and it was an easy one only needing a set of preamp tubes and a new power cord. I was surprised to find out how linear this amp is and I suppose that would make for a good home audio service for vintage turntables and pre-amps. I have since sold this Bell 2122 amp to New York, I hope it finds some use.

Bell 2122 Mono-block Amp



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